Students at Newmarket Academy have taken part in our first whole school Challenge Day. Topics for the day were Creative or Mathematical MidBac, Internet Safety, Medical Ethics and Employability Skills.

Quotes from students:

Year 7 - "I have enjoyed today and I have got to know different teachers that I haven't met before"

"I've learnt how to make a snowman cupcake!"

"I have been in different classes and have taken part in a food lesson for the first time"

Year 8 -" Today was amazing, I didn't know you could make Art with Maths"

"I didn't know Maths could be so fun!"

"I didn't know mesmerising patterns were inspired by Maths"

"Today has been fun, we have learnt new shapes and illusions"

Year 9 - " I feel more confident about having an interview"

"It's been good to see how CV's work"

Year 10 - "Police will get involved if rumours are spread online"

"The day has been very informative and we are very thankful to all of the teachers for helping us to undersatnd and for explaining some very sensitive, difficult and hard hitting topics and themes"

"I have learnt that women are under a lot more pressure to reveal photos online than men"

"As part of Newmarket Academy's Online Safety Education programme Year 10 today have been attending five age appropriate workshops that will help them to stay safe online. These sessions included case studies and discussions around the themes of cyber bullying, sexting, peer pressure and how online behaviour can impact self-esteem. We were also lucky to have one of our workshop being run by Suffolk Police"

Year 11 - "I have learnt to respect life for what it is and always think of others beliefs and opinions"

"The day has opened my eyes to the Scientific progress around me and ethical issues around them"