Godolphin visit Indian Food Tasting
The Food and Nutrition students have been studying Indian cookery as part of their GCSE course. Godolphin in association with the Racing to School project very kindly offered to demonstrate Indian cooking at one of their local racing yards. Students were given a tour of the hostel industrial kitchens to show students what it would be like to work in a professional environment on a large scale. They couldn't believe the size of some of the pans and other equipment to cater for large numbers. The chefs demonstrated how to make dahl, curry and naan breads and allowed students to smell the wide range of herbs and spices used. 
Students had a go at shaping their own naan breads and watched them being cooked in a clay oven. To conclude the visit students sat down to taste the dishes which they really enjoyed. 
The tables were then turned on the students as they were asked to recreate the dishes back at school and the Godolphin team came to taste their versions. The students created fantastic curries and dahls and the chef was very impressed by their work. The winning students received a prize at a local Indian restaurant. The winners were Ryan Blacklock, Nathan Tudor and Dawid Lipa.