All policies can be viewed below.


Academy Action Plan

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Plan (uploaded 11/12/18)

Admissions Policy 2017/18

Admissions Policy 2018/19

Admissions Policy 2019/20

Admissions Policy 2020/21

Attendance Policy

Behaviour & Discipline Policy

Britishness Policy Statement 2017

Careers Education and Guidance Policy

Channel Duty Guidance

Charging & Remissions Policy

Child Protection Procedures May 2018

Community Cohesion Policy

Complaints Policy


Educational Visits Policy

Equality in Employment Guidance

Equality in Employment Policy

Equality Objectives

Homework Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2017/18

Literacy Policy

Marking Policy

Newmarket Academy Action Plan

Newmarket Academy Local Offer

Prevent Duty Guidance

Privacy Notice School Workforce

Pupil Privacy Notice

Pupil Premium Strategy (uploaded 28/12/18)

Parent Privacy Notice

Job Applicant Privacy Notice

Volunteer Privacy Notice

Provider Access Policy

Pupil Premium Strategy

Photograph Policy 

Safeguarding Policy

SEF - Self Evaluation Form

Sex and Relationship Education Policy

SMSC Policy

Special Needs & Disabilities Policy



Teaching & Learning Policy

Trust Annual Accounts (updated 16/01/19) 

The School Offer for SEND

Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure

Young Carers Policy 2017

Year 7 Catch Up Funding

Year 7 Catch Up Funding (Uploaded 05/01/19)



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If there is a policy you wish to view which is not listed please contact claire.lawrence@newmarketacademy.co.uk.