Whole Staff List
Miss C Bailey claire.lawrence@newmarketacademy.co.uk Personal Assistant to Headteacher
Mr S Barker sam.barker@newmarketacademy.co.uk History Teacher
Mrs S Barney sandra.barney@newmarketacademy.co.uk Attendance Officer
Mrs J Bennett jenny.bennett@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Mrs L Blades lorna.blades@newmarketacademy.co.uk Resources Manager and Internal Exclusion
Ms L Blake lel.blake@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher
Mr S Blyth stephen.blyth@newmarketacademy.co.uk Premises Manager
Mr R Bolton Robert.Bolton@newmarketacademy.co.uk Maths Teacher
Mrs H Canning helen.canning@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher
Mrs L Collins Lisa.Collins@newmarketacademy.co.uk Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Conway-Jarrett Christine.Conway-Jarrett@newmarketacademy.co.uk Maths Teacher
Mr M Cornwell Myles.Cornwell@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Technician
Mr L Crick Lee.Crick@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of PE
Mr M Davey martin.davey@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of English
Mrs M Davies Melanie.Davies@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Mrs S Davis Steph.Davis@newmarketacademy.co.uk Pastoral Officer Brooke House
Miss D Dawson danielle.dawson@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Business Studies
Miss T East tiffany.east@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Art & Photography
Mrs L Elsden Laura.Bridge@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Science
Mrs A Evans abigail.evans@newmarketacademy.co.uk Food Technician
Mrs J Finniear Jasmin.Finniear@newmarketacademy.co.uk Finance Officer
Mr N Fisher Neil.Fisher@newmarketacademy.co.uk Assistant Principal Franklin House
Mrs J Frost Julia.Frost@newmarketacademy.co.uk Office Manager
Mr N Froy nick.froy@newmarketacademy.co.uk Principal
Mr C Gibson chris.gibson@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher
Mrs G Goodchild-Colley gillian.goodchild-colley@newmarketacademy.co.uk Dance Teacher
Mrs D Gordon dawn.gordon@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Geography and Travel & Tourism
Mr P Gordon philip.gordon@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Mrs G Guenigault gill.guenigault@newmarketacademy.co.uk Acting Head of Maths
Miss S Gynn Sophie.Gynn@newmarketacademy.co.uk Assistant Principal Tutte House
Mr R Hall Richard.Hall@newmarketacademy.co.uk Assistant Principal Brooke House
Mrs H Harridge helen.harridge@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher
Mrs A Hill annette.hill@newmarketacademy.co.uk Pastoral Officer Franklin House
Mrs J Hill jacky.hill@newmarketacademy.co.uk Operations Director
Mrs F Hobbs Fran.Hobbs@newmarketacademy.co.uk Alternative Provision
Mrs E Holness Emma.Holness@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of History
Mr D Hooley david.hooley@newmarketacademy.co.uk Technology Technician
Mr N Howells Norton.Howells@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Mrs D Hoxley Debbie.Hoxley@newmarketacademy.co.uk Teaching Assistant
Miss K Hoyle Keeley.Hoyle@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher & Director of Extended Learning
Mr I Jackson Ian.Jackson@newmarketacademy.co.uk Sport Development Manager
Mrs N Johnston Nikki.Johnston@newmarketacademy.co.uk SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs V Jury vicky.jury@newmarketacademy.co.uk Examinations Officer
Ms S Kerins reception@newmarketacademy.co.uk Receptionist/Careers
Mr M Kirby Mark.Kirby@newmarketacademy.co.uk PE Teacher & HPA
Dr D Kirkham david.kirkham@newmarketacademy.co.uk Engineering/Resistant Materials Teacher
Mrs C Kuell Charlotte.Kuell@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Drama and English Teacher
Mrs K Langham Katrina.Langham@newmarketacademy.co.uk Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Lawler Marion.Lawler@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Technician
Mrs L Matten Lucy.Matten@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of RE
Mrs S Matthews Sarah.Matthews@newmarketacademy.co.uk Cover Supervisor
Mr E Messer edward.messer@newmarketacademy.co.uk Science Teacher
Mr M Munro michael.munro@newmarketacademy.co.uk Premises Manager
Mrs S Pelly Sophie.Pelly@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Dr L Robson laura.robson@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Spanish
Mr C Rogers chris.rogers@newmarketacademy.co.uk Pastoral Officer Tutte House
Miss E Rubio emily.rubio@newmarketacademy.co.uk Spanish & French Teacher
Mr C Simmons Carl.Simmons@newmarketacademy.co.uk Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Smith Christine.Smith@newmarketacademy.co.uk Cover Manager
Mrs J Spicer jessica.spicer@newmarketacademy.co.uk English Teacher
Mrs N Sturgess nina.sturgess@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of French
Mrs C Watson Clare.Watson@newmarketacademy.co.uk SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs C Williams Ceri.Williams@newmarketacademy.co.uk Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Ms E Wilson elaine.wilson@newmarketacademy.co.uk Deputy Principal
Mr B Woodward barry.woodward@newmarketacademy.co.uk Maths & PE Teacher
Mrs A Wreford Alison.Wreford@newmarketacademy.co.uk Maths Teacher
Mrs A Young alison.young@newmarketacademy.co.uk Head of Food & Nutrition