Pastoral Care and Mental Health

Newmarket Academy provides a provision of Pastoral care to support the physical and emotional welfare of each Student. When starting at the Academy, each Student is assigned to one of three Houses, Brooke, Franklin or Tutte House. The staff of each House is comprised of a Head of House, an Assistant Head of House and a Pastoral Officer as well as team of Tutors. This is to ensure your child is safe, happy, involved and able to perform to their potential. To make sure they are integrating well with other students and any problems are spotted and dealt with.

We are dedicated in providing emotional wellbeing Support for both our Students and Staff. We value the importance of promoting positive mental health and building relationships as a community.

We offer a wide range of support for wellbeing including referrals to our School Counsellor, Mental Health First Aiders, ELSA and Trauma & Mental health-informed Practitioners, Behavioural Activation and School nursing Team. We deliver many intervention groups such as ‘Live life to the full’ and ‘My Big Life’- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) groups, Anxiety workshops for both Students and parents, mentoring and Nurture groups.

Students are given the opportunity to join our Mental Health Student Voice group to share ideas of how to improve support for children and young people mental health needs and raise awareness through charity fundraising events. They can also apply to become one of our Mental Health Ambassadors.

Mental Health awareness is embedded in our curriculum and RSHE lessons. This is designed to meet the needs of the students, specific to their social and emotional needs and developmental age.

Our school is invested in supporting the very best possible relational health between: Parent and child, Child and child, Child and school staff, Parent and school staff, School staff and Senior Leads School, and Staff and external agencies.

We have developed strong links with the emotional wellbeing hub (CAMHS) and other agencies ensuring good communication, support and guidance.

The Department of Education recognises the direct link between positive mental health and successful educational outcomes.

Our aim is to improve self- confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence for all students and staff.