Musical theatre – Tuesdays in E2 MDS

For students who would like to develop their knowledge and experience of musicals on film. We will be watching a mix of classic and modern musicals, from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and West Side Story to Strictly Ballroom and Billy Elliot. It is a great opportunity to enjoy this genre and learn a lot about how social and cultural attitudes have changed over time and are reflected on film.

 The Band Club – Tuesdays MSO
Free biscuits! … just joking. This club is for singers and/or instrumentalists.
 If you can sing or/and can play an instrument please join us. We will prepare material for concerts at schools and in the community.
If you are not certain it is for you feel free to come to the music department, to have a chat with Mr Sorento.

Game design – Tuesdays in B2 KHR

Come and create your own sandbox game using unity. Then use steam to play against your friends.

Robot club for year 7 and 8- Tuesdays in S2 HHE

Learn to code and control robots before sharing your skills with primary students.

Lego masters – Tuesdays in S7 LEN

Challenge yourself to build your best Lego dinosaur, Lego car, Lego spaceship etc.

Mindful colouring – Tuesdays in S4 SGE

This club will help you unwind, helping to improve your sleep and concentration in a relaxed atmosphere.

Board games – Tuesday lunchtimes in G2 DGN

Challenge your friends in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Foreign language film club – Tuesdays in MFL1 NSS

An opportunity to watch films from other languages and cultures and discuss what we think of them.

School production – Wednesdays in the main hall

It is open to anyone who wants to be involved onstage or backstage.

KS4 Football - Tuesdays (LCK & SBR)

Y7-8 Netball - Tuesdays (LAS)  

Living on our planet - Wednesdays week 2 in M6 JGD

We'll be exploring some of the big issues facing our planet and the people living on it, like the climate crisis. You'll get to choose the issues you want to focus on and there will be lots of opportunities to discuss, learn more, investigate and think critically. Mrs Goodland.

Maths Challenge Club – Thursdays week 1 in M6 JGD

"Over the summer, on Aug 8th, I will turn 1 billion seconds old - can you work out my date of birth? If you love maths puzzles then please join me as we challenge ourselves and each other with some tricky maths problems! Mrs Goodland.

Learning through objects – H3 RWN 

Your chance to dive deeper in to some historical objects and images and learn how to create enquiries that will allow you to further understand the world around you.  

KS3 Football - Thursdays (MKY & LCK)

Y9-11 Netball - Thursdays (LAS)

KS4 Rugby - Thursdays (NFR)

Intervention and support

Enterprise and marketing intervention for Year 11 on Wednesday in B1 with DDN.

Enterprise and marketing intervention for Year 10 on Tuesday in B1 with DDN.

Study skills for Year 10/11 on Thursdays in H1 with EHS.

MFL homework club - Friday lunchtime in MFL2 with ITN.

Homework support NJN

Come to the library for a space to complete homework. Support will be available and you will have full use of resources as well as access to printers.

Year 7 – Monday

Year 8 – Tuesday

Year 9 – Wednesday

Year 10 – Thursday

Year 11 - Friday