Ofsted Report May 2017  (click on link to take you to full Ofsted Report) 

This is a 'Good' school  

The headteacher, with support from senior and middle leaders, provides strong strategic direction and leadership. Leaders continually identify and improve any areas of relative weakness.

Governors and leaders of the trust share the headteacher’s vision to ensure that pupils get the best deal possible. They challenge and support leaders effectively to drive the shared vision.

Detailed checks on the school’s work mean that senior and middle leaders as well as governors have a clear understanding of what is working well and what needs to be better.

In 2016, pupils’ progress in English and mathematics matched that seen nationally. This year, pupils are making strong progress in these and other key subjects.

Many pupils join the school with weak literacy and numeracy skills. Leaders’ work to address this are beginning to have a positive impact.

The school has developed strong ties with local organisations and this, along with other initiatives, is raising pupils’ aspirations and broadening their horizons.

Attendance for the majority is above the national average; pupils say they enjoy coming to school and that the staff care about them.

Newer middle leaders have strengthened the capacity of the school to improve further. Those who are less experienced have appreciated the support and expertise that the trust has provided.

Pupils are very polite and friendly, and welcome visitors to their school. They move safely around the school and treat each other and adults with respect. They report that they feel safe and are taught how to keep themselves safe.

While teachers plan work that is mostly well matched to the ability of pupils, there are occasions where the most able pupils are not challenged to achieve as well as they could.

Pupils across the school, including the sixth form, now receive clear guidance on careers and next steps. This enables them to move on to their chosen destinations confidently.

Leaders’, including governors’, evaluation of pupil premium spending is effective. They identify that closer scrutiny will ensure that the impact on pupils’ progress can be even better.