Exam and Assessment Results 202

Newmarket Academy's Year of 2021 receive their GCSE results

Nick Froy Headteacher said “What an amazing day! It was fantastic to celebrate with our year 11 students today. They have received the just rewards for all the hard work they have put in over the last 5 years.”

This year has been another very difficult year for our students. We had very high hopes for this group who have approached the last year with incredible fortitude, good humour and resilience. We are, therefore, very pleased that the students have received recognition of their efforts. The students got fantastic results which will enable them to go on to colleges and employment opportunities. The school is so proud of the way they responded to lockdown and, above all, their reaction on results day. Many showed their incredible maturity in expressing their frustration at not being able to prove themselves and demonstrate their abilities in the public exams they had been working towards for so many years. The school would like to thank and acknowledge the commitment of the students and the support of the parents and carers and wider community

Nick Froy added “We will miss them all and wish them all great success in their futures. We have asked each and every one of them to keep in touch and tell us of their future achievements. We wish them well”

2018 2019 2020 2021
Progess 8  0.23 0.05 0.31 N/A
Average Attainment 8 score per student 45.2 42.27 48.47 44.77
% students achieving a strong pass in English and Maths 39% 32% 43% 44%
% students achieving a standard pass in English and Maths 65% 53% 67% 65%
% of students entering the Ebacc 79% 84% 80% 80%
% achieving grade 5 or above in Ebacc 18% 16% 28% 9%
% achieving grade 4 or above in Ebacc 27% 27% 39% 25%
% staying in education or employment  95% 95% 100%

Performance Tables

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